Can't use de Import function in Open Air

hi all, I am new to using the OpenAir package. And in my first attempts I already have a fairly basic problem. When I try to import data with the "import()" function indicated in the manual, I get the following error "could not find function "import" (obviously I ran the library before).

Any ideas? Or is this package obsolete, or does the function no longer exist?


data <- import("C:\Users\sgsrvillalobos\Desktop\R\AnalisisMP10\DIFERENCIA HM-CH.csv")

Load the .csv for this way in R:

data <- read.csv("C:\\Users\\sgsrvillalobos\\Desktop\\R\\AnalisisMP10\\DIFERENCIA HM-CH.csv") # check the sep symbol.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about atmospheric data.

It appears that there is no plain import() function for the openair package. If this is ADMS data in a csv file you probably want import_ADMS(), which uses read.csv() to read the data before formatting it.

Were you able to find solution to this problem?

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