Can't suppress message from predict in markdown

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I cannot suppress a message from the predict command, which is quite irritating. It always wants to tell me what sort of interpolation it is doing.

Here is my reprex:

df_temp <- as_tibble(replicate(3,sample(0:100,10,rep=TRUE))) %>% rename(x=1, y=2, z=3)
df_temp <- sf::st_as_sf(df_temp, coords=c("x", "y"), agr = "identity")
df_out <- sf::st_sfc(sf::st_point(c(50,50))) 

fit_IDW <- gstat::gstat( 
  formula = z ~ 1,
  data = df_temp, 
  set = list(idp = 1) 

interp_IDW <- predict(fit_IDW, df_out)
suppressMessages(interp_IDW <- predict(fit_IDW, df_out))

[inverse distance weighted interpolation]
[inverse distance weighted interpolation]

you have chunk option like message = FALSE or warning = FALSE

But it all depends how the predict function is outputing this message. If they use cat() for example, then it will be harder - capture.output() should be helpful here.

But in that case, they should use message instead. Can you look into gstat code, or report to them that using suppressMessages or message = FALSE is not working ?

Reported on gstat git site, edzer recommended setting debug.level = 0, which mostly worked.

For additionally the option verbose=FALSE needs to be set.

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It sounds like a good solution !

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