can't show the plot

Hi i am having a trouble with this code there is no plot showing after preseing genarete network
Note: I am using SeqNet package to generate the network

function(input, output, session) {

observeEvent(input$network_button, {

observeEvent(input$tool_choice, {
  if (input$tool_choice == "SeqNet")  
    p <- 100 # Number of nodes (genes) in the network.
 n <- 100 # Number of samples to generate.
   network <- random_network(p) # Create a random network of size p.
 network1 <- gen_partial_correlations(network) # Generate weights.

  g <-reactive({
    gen_rnaseq(n, network1) 
    myplot <- recordPlot()

    p <- req(g())
})##end if seqnet

})##end network butten

}##end function

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