can't save objects in Workspace

Hello everyone,
I can't save new Data or Functions in my Environment. I keep having in my Environment objects i created long ago, and even if i remove them all before quitting R and saving the Workspace, these objects keep reappearing each time i re open an R session. When i open a session, I get the message "Workspace loaded from ~/.RData", does it mean the new Data / Function i create are stored somewhere else and not properly reloaded ? Along this line, I'd like a function i made ("exp") to open automaticaly when I open Rstudio and so I ended the script in .Rprofile with "exp()" but when i start R, i get the message:" Error :error could not find function "exp", even if it was in Environment before i closed the session and saved the Workspace.‚Äč Can anyone help me to solve this problem (i'm on a Mac) ? Thanks, Laurent

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