Cant save gt table using gtsave()

I'm trying to save a gt table with the following code: gtsave(table1,"table1.png")
I get the following error message:
Error in with_random_port():
! Cannot find an available port. Please try again.
Caused by error:
! Native call to processx_exec failed
Caused by error:
! cannot start processx process '/Applications/Google Chrome' (system error 13, Permission denied) @unix/processx.c:613 (processx_exec)

I've tried looking up the errors online and haven't been able to solve it. I looked at this post: r - gt::gtsave throws error 'Invalid path to Chrome' (save a .png via webshot) - Stack Overflow
I followed the answer in that post and when i did i get the error message i posted above. I followed the answer in that post because my initial error when trying to save the gt table was:
Google Chrome was not found. Try setting the CHROMOTE_CHROME environment variable to the executable of a Chromium-based browser, such as Google Chrome, Chromium or Brave.
Error in initialize(...) : Invalid path to Chrome

Would appreciate any help on this, Thank you

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