Can't run R in Ubuntu 18

SI have installed R in Ubuntu 18 but nothing happens when I open or check R version.

Interesting!! I have never seen that error before!! I presume this is the result of an apt-get install? How did you install R?

RStudio provides an opinionated R build for linux operating systems that you are welcome to try out here, if you'd like: Posit - Install R - Posit Documentation

The other option is to try building from source. There are many resources on the topic, but this article explains one approach and its motivation:


This looks as if you are mixing a (partial) installation in /usr/local/ with a installation via APT (r-base). If this is correct: What are you trying to achieve? What have you done before installing the r-base package?

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Solved, but I am not a solver. I get someone help to solve it, because I just use Ubuntu 2 weeks. So I dont understand what I do to install it, I Just search 'how to' when I try to install something.

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