Can't run batch file using Windows Task Scheduler

Hi Friends, I'm running R 3.4.3 and R version Version 1.1.456 to run a batch file that runs a SQL query that spits out the output into an Excel file and emails folks. A few weeks ago it stopped running using the task scheduler. When I run the batch file manually, it works. Here is what I get on .rout:

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Error in load(name, envir = .GlobalEnv) :
ReadItem: unknown type 52, perhaps written by later version of R
Calls: sys.load.image -> load
Execution halted

I've recreated the file and .renviron as well but with no luck. What am I doing wrong :frowning:

My best guess is that this environment has somehow become corrupted -- as far as I know, there is no R object with type (SEXPTYPE) 52. (See:

Thanks! Sorry for the novice questions here - how would you recommend I fix this? I've tried recreating the .Renviron file.

I can't think of a better prescription than just deleting the old R workspace (the .RData file).

I tried that and ended up with the same results.

Do we have any other advice on what we can do? Seems bizarre and is happening with no rhyme or reason.