Can't republish Shiny app on new laptop and upgrading Plan

The message I get is:
Not Registered. The copy of the content has been published to the server ', but you currently do not have any account registered on that server.

I connect to my account and see my shiny apps but I can't update the application.

by what method do you connect to your account and see them ?
I'm wondering if you are looking on your dashboard at the website, that would be consistent with not being able to update through Rstudio, because Rstudio needs to be configured with your tokens : rsconnect::setAccountInfo etc.
Shiny - Getting started with (

Thanks for your response. I was able to fix my initial issue using rsconnect::setAccountInfo. I then got an error based on using R version 4.1.2 for publishing a Shiny app . I removed R version 4.1.2 and installed R version 4.1.0, which fixed my second problem. This is the first time I've used the RStudio Community for an issue and I am very impressed with the support. Thanks again!

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