can't publish to RPubs - error dialog cannot find "write.table"

Hello -

I'm surprisingly struggling to push a simple html file to RPubs this evening.

I've only done so once before, and it worked very straightforwardly.
Today, it just spins for a while then gives an unhelpful error box:


My file is self-contained and almost entirely text.
I have an RPubs account and I am able to log into the web page and see my one prior upload on my profile.
I don't see any accounts inside RStudio for publishing, and when I try to add one it only gives me the option to enter a "Connect" account, which seems unrelated.
I have removed any accented or other non-ASCII characters from the file path. There actually were originally, and I've not only removed them but recreated the project twice to try to address this.

I'm feeling quite at a loss for a straightforward next step.

  • Does anyone have any experience with publishing to RPubs failing in this way?

That’s very strange! What version of R are you using?

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