Cant publish shinyapp to, runs locally

Cant publish my updated code to shinyapps io even though the app runs locally and I already updated twice.
Publishing ends with error message:

Error: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 863936013 failed: Error building image: Error building installr (0.22.0). Build exited with non-zero status: 1
Execution halted

Tried reinstalling installr and my R is up to date (4.0.3)
I am publishing using the button in the IDE and I am using an renv

Why does your app use installr? That's not going to work on

It doesnt use installr, the package was never called in my app nor in any of my scripts. Only used installr to update R. I am able to deploy the app after uninstalling the package, however the app does not work in even if it does fine locally.

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