can't play audio (from sonify package) in ? Trying to help blind student

I have a blind student, and I am trying to find technology that will help him with graphs of functions, scatterplots, etc. I found the package "sonify", which apparently uses the "tuneR" package to play the sound files it makes. It works fine on my desktop version of Rstudio, but doesn't seem to work in -- it fails with this message:
sh: 1: mplayer: not found
sh: 1: /tmp/RtmphpuN6z/tuneRtemp.wav: Permission denied

Rstudio Server has better screen-reader or other accessibility features than the desktop version, according to this article: RStudio 1.3 Preview: Accessibility - Posit
While my student is fairly tech-savvy (he's a CompSci major/Math minor), it would be easier for him to use Rstudio Server via vs. setting up his own Rstudio Server, I think.

Here's a project in where I was trying it out:

A possible workaround would be to have sonify or tuneR generate a file that I (or my student) then downloads and plays on his local device. I tried using the console to see if the file it mentions in the error message, /tmp/RtmphpuN6z/tuneRtemp.wav , could be downloaded, but I don't even see a .wav file in that directory.
I (and my student) would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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