Can't open the R Notebook / Markdown

Hello, I have a problem when trying to open the R Notebook and R Markdown. A small window appears like this


Previously, there was a 'evaluate' package that was required to be installed and I have installed it using the install.packages() command, but when I try to use the same command to install the rest (one by one) like this:

install.packages('knitr', repos='')

But it is not working and the problem remains the same, and I really need help.

Perhaps restart RStudio, then try and install the packages again.

Can you be more specific? What is the actual error message you get when you try to install the package?

When I tried to install the packages using install.packages() command, this error message shows up:

And when I tried to open the R Notebook, the same window appeared like before (the one in my first post)

Does it mean that I have to get Rtools first? If so, where can I get it?

I have tried to restart and reinstall the packages, but it doesn't change anything.

If the word Error does not appear then I would say you haven't had any errors. But perhaps there is more below the part you shared. Also please don't screenshot text, text can be pasted into the forum. Use triple backticks to format text like code.

My code

You are installing the binary version of the package which is older than the one you need, for installing the latest version from source you need to have RTools installed in your system (not in R).
You can download RTools for your R version from here

Another option is to update your R version (latest stable version is 4.0.5) so you can get access to precompiled binaries of the latest versions of the packages.

Maybe try running RStudio as administrator? Sometimes it helps.

I have updated my Rstudio to the latest version and it has all the packages I need to open my R Notebook.
Thank you for your help and all suggestions that you gave. :+1:

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