Can't open R after I download it

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I am taking an Econometrics class and my professor is requiring us to download RStudio for the class. I downloaded the free version onto my computer, going through the installation process and when I was done it said it was installed. The problem is when I went to open it on my desktop (that’s where I saved it) it said it wasn’t installed. This is what happens when I try to open it:

I get a message that says “RStudio requires an existing installation of R in order to work. Please select the version of R to use." It gives me three options: My computers default version R 64 bit, My computer’s default version of R (32 bit), and a specific version of R. I have tried all. When I select "a specific version" it opens up “files” on my computer and I select the R Studio file on my desktop.
I get an error message saying that “this directory does not appear to contain a valid R installation. Please try again”

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Just to clarify, I have downloaded RStudio and I get the confirmation that it is downloaded, but then when I try to open it it says it isn't downloaded. I have tried a couple times to download it and the same thing happens. Please help!

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You need to go to the R homepage and download and install the version for your operating system. Take the defaults and RStudio is almost certain to be able to find it without trouble.

R and Rstudio are two different things but you need the former for running the latest. Maybe this FAQ could clarify things for you.

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I hadn't realized that R and RStudio were two different things, I have since figured it out, thank you for your help!

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