Can't open project

Hi, I can't open my project I don't have any idea to recover it. It freeze my PC every time I'm trying to open it. Thanks.

Hi there,

Are you still having trouble opening your project?


Greeting Andy, yes. Would you help me. Thanks.

I took a look, and I am not detecting any errors in our system.

Can you describe the problem you are seeing? Are you able to open your project? What happens when you do? Can you provide a screenshot that shows the problem?


Hi, Andy. I manage to open it. I wait (about 7 minutes) until Firefox gives a message "the script takes too long .. would you like to wait or stop the script", previously I will kill the process as it seem to be frozen. I give it a try and let it finish the process and the project open. Thanks for the ques (that no errors in RStudio Cloud system)

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