Can't knit to PDF

I have tried to solve this issue for some time now and I couldn't figure out why!
I am an absolute beginner so please be patient with me.

I reinstalled R and Rstudio.
First issue, when the code runs in the console but when I click knit, it gives me

Do I need to install Rtools for this?

Thank you!

From your description I see that you installed R and RStudio.
I assume you got this working: typing 1+1 gives the expected result?

Did you install any packages: as a minimum rmarkdown and knitr are necessary!?
Had you any problems doing this?


try to use another repository:

  • from the RStudio menu choose Tools| | Global Options | Packages
  • In Primary CRAN repository I see Global (CDN) - RStudio (I think you see the same here)
  • click the Change button and choose another repository

You need to install those missing package as @HanOostdijk mentioned

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