can't join other information into a tsibble

I was trying to add an event variable into my tsibble dataset to use in my model:
subscribers_tbl %>%
group_by(optin_time) %>%
summarise(optins = n()) %>%
as_tsibble(index = "optin_time") %>%
left_join(learning_labs_tbl, by = c("optin_time" = "event_date"))
Erro: Can't obtain the interval due to the mismatched index class.

How I could add more information to consider in my model in a Tsibble context ?



In order for us to help you with your question, please provide us a minimal reproducible example where you provide a minimal (dummy) dataset and code that can recreate the issue. Once we have that, we can go from there. For help on creating a Reprex, see this guide:

Good luck!

Could you do the left join before the as_tsibble() call?

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