Can't install LaTeX packages in RStudio cloud for beginers.

Hello i am a begginer at using Rsweave at Rstudio cloud, when i use it in Rstudio and a need a new package, i install it in Miktex and it's done,but in Rcloud i don't know where i have to install the package, the package i'm trying to install is Babel.

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Try to follow these steps. If these doesn't work, please provide information regarding where these failed.

  1. Check whether tinytex package is installed or not. If not, install it.
  2. Run tinytex:::is_tinytex(). If it's true, great. Otherwise, run tinytex::install_tinytex() and follow the instructions.
  3. Use tinytex:: tlmgr_install to install your required LaTeX package. But pretty often it is able to download while knitting if it is not already installed.

Hope this helps.

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