Can't install latest version of R on Linux Debian 9


I just got the newest edition of the ASUS Chromebook and have been trying to learn how to use Linux (which runs on Debian Version 9) to install R on my computer. After what appeared to be a successful installation, the Linux terminal claims that it has already installed the newest version of R (during sometime in 2017). If I am correct, a new edition of R has just been released last month of this year (2019)

I apologize for not having specific numbers, codes, and model numbers, as I have done all of this yesterday and did not happen to save any of the terminal images and am also a complete novice when it comes to this kind of stuff. I need the newest version, particularly since I need to use the "car" package for my statistics class.

Has anybody ever heard of this problem before? If any of you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

If runs on Debian then maybe you can follow Debian specific installation instructions to install the latest version.

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