Can't install car package, installation enters infinite loop and never finishes

I have no idea what is going on. On my personal PC I can use the car package perfectly fine. On my work PC (Windows 7) I type install.packages('car') into either Rstudio or the pure R console (same result in both) and the installation appears to run smoothly for a while, downloading zip files and telling me that the downloads are successful, then all of a sudden with no error message it just fails to continue running. It doesn't break or stop, it just doesn't move forward and finish the installation. If I try to manually stop it at this point, Rstudio crashes and I have to reopen it. Please help! I have no idea what is going on because there is no feedback or error message

Strange indeed! Since it's the same result in both R and RStudio, I"m going to move this into #general. That way it's easier for the right eyeballs to help you find a solution.

P.S. Have you tried downloading the source package from CRAN and doing a local installation?

Can you install older versions of car?

For other reasons I happened to be doing this today via
devtools::install_version("car", version = "2.1-6", repos = "")

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Thanks for the help @mara. Yes this was the only solution, but it is not a good one because then I also have to manually load all the dependencies and there are a lot for the car package!

Now that you’ve installed from source (and gone through the pain of managing the dependencies by hand!) I don’t know if it’s still possible for you to recreate the original situation, but — I’m wondering what the last few status messages printed to the console were before the installation process got hung up? Knowing that might (maybe) help in narrowing down where the problem was occurring.

Well I am very surprised but I went to go duplicate the error and it is no longer occurring. I tried this many many many times before and it always locked up, but now it appears to work (albeit a bit slow, but that isn't Rstudio's problem).

To your question, if this is still going to be investigated, the last message was

trying URL '' Content type 'application/zip' length 1471184 bytes (1.4 MB) downloaded 1.4 MB

And then it froze. I let it run overnight to check if it was my computer being slow and it was not that, it was just frozen.

If it's a package-specific issue that persists, you may want to file an issue in the package bug tracker.