Can't get multiple R installation in RStudio Server

Hello, am following this page to make multiple R installation available.

$ rstudio-server version
2021.09.0+351 (Ghost Orchid) for CentOS 8

Steps I've done

rstudio-server stop

cd /etc/rstudio
touch r-versions
chmod g+rwx,o+rwx /etc/rstudio/r-versions
chmod -t /etc/rstudio/r-versions

Modify r-versions with the following lines

Path: /opt/R/4.2.2
Label: CRAN R422

Path: /opt/microsoft/ropen/4.0.2/lib64/R
Label: MRAN R402

Then rstudio-server start to take server back on.

After logging into server, I am unable to find the drop-down menu that suppose to detect multiple R versions.

Appreciate any words of wisdom! Thanks

Switching among R versions is a "Pro" feature not available for the open source RStudio version.

You can get similar functionality on the open source version by using rig

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