Can't find the Publish Drop-down menu in RStudio??

I'm BRAND new to working with R and RStudio. I'm just doing it to help someone deploy an app on which someone else built.

I'm busy following a set of instructions... All was going well until I couldn't get my app to say "deployed" on shinyapps. I decided to try disconnect my shinyapp account and clear everything and start again. Now, when I am in RStudio and I select "Publish", it seems to searching for a name of something (an app?) which no longer exists in shinyapps (I realised the name of the app wasn't correct so I archived & deleted it). When I click to create a new app name and it throws me an error that says:

" To publish this content to a new location, click the Publish drop-down menu and choose Other Destination."

I cannot for the life of me find this "Publish drop-down menu" or find some way to change the destination.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

To choose Other Destination, click on the tiny arrow next to Publish the application. There you have options like clear list and other destinations.
Hope it helps!

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