Can't find the project list

There used to be a dropdown list of recent projects on the top right of the screen somewhere, which I'm not seeing now. Is that a setting, or was that feature removed, or is something wrong on my end?


On my side, I have the dropdown list. Still there. I don't think they removed it or the will do, pretty useful.
Which version do you have ? Did you try to install again RStudio ?

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It should definitely be there -- we haven't removed it. Can you take a screenshot of the top-right region of your IDE window, just so we can know what you're seeing?

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Just updated RStudio (from 1.1.383 to 1.1.414) per @cderv 's suggestion and still don't see it. I also don't have the Terminal tab in the Console area:

I think you may have (inadvertently?) hidden the toolbar. In the main menu, you can try hitting:

View -> Show Toolbar

to bring it back.



That is it! I didn't even realize that was a toolbar -- I guess the project list is the only thing I actually use but I will check out the other features. And I got the Terminal back by clicking View -> Move Focus to Terminal. Thanks a million.