can't find the fault in my grouped barchart coding

this is my data set:

this is my coding:
alcoholpercentage=rep(0:2, each=4)
embryograding=rep(c("gradeone","gradetwo","gradethree","gradefour"), times=3)
numberofembryos=sample(0:11, 12)


the number of embryos change when I'm trying to form my dataframe:

alcoholpercentage embryograding numberofembryos
1 0 gradeone 5
2 0 gradetwo 3
3 0 gradethree 11
4 0 gradefour 1
5 1 gradeone 10
6 1 gradetwo 0
7 1 gradethree 2
8 1 gradefour 9
9 2 gradeone 8
10 2 gradetwo 4
11 2 gradethree 6
12 2 gradefour 7

the '=sample' bit is probably wrong as I'm not completely sure how to use that.

Replace this with your embreyo count numbers listed out with commas between them all inside of a c() bracket .

Sample is a function to get a random sample, its not going to be capable of guessing what your observed measurements were.
Alternatively if the counts are in a file , read that file in.

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