can't find .ffdf functions

I am working through the code in Big Data Analytics with R chapter 3 published by Pakt and have come across a series of errors telling me that various functions that end in .ffdf are not found. I have the ff and ffbase packages installed and libraried. I can see the functions in the list in the packages window but when I run the code -> not found.

I am running R version 1.4.1103 on macOS Big Sur 11.2.1

#Chapter 3 lines 76 - 78


#first two lines succeed but third fails can't find function

#Chapter 3 line 106

fails -> could not find function

#load the library
#list all the function names inside ; including unexported
unclass(lsf.str(envir = asNamespace("ff"), all = T))
# does dimnames.ffdf appear in that list (i believe the output is in alphabetic order)
# if it is there do the commands you shared work ? #assuming you loaded ...

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