Can't enter special characters via Unicode character code in Ubuntu (ctrl+shift+u)

Any other text input field in Ubuntu allows me to press Ctrl+Shift+U and then type in a Unicode character code followed by Enter to get the special character. Trying to do so in RStudio doesn't work, it takes the character code as plain text instead.

I verified that some keyboard shortcut was mapped to Ctrl+Shift+U by default but disabling it didn't fix the issue.

Thanks for the bug report. IIUC, this is because we're not setting the Qt input method. Running RStudio with e.g.

export QT_IM_MODULE='ibus'

brings in this behavior. We'll see if there's a way we can discover the active input method and ensure that's respected within RStudio.

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export -p

shows that

declare -x QT_IM_MODULE='ibus'

is already set up. I called the export command again to be sure but the problem remains.

Are you launching RStudio from your shell, or through another mechanism? RStudio Desktop doesn't launch R sessions through a shell and so won't read any environment variables set or exported in e.g. a .bash_profile.

I've tried launching from shell and the software app. The issue persists across all methods.

Can you try once more with the preview release of RStudio?

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