Can't Download RStudio new version


I'm trying to dowlonad the new version of Rstudio but the bottom is not working. Has anyone experienced the same issue?



Yes, I have encountered that as well. I was able to get it working by doing a full refresh of the page. The keyboard shortcut for this varies by operating system and web browser; some examples include:

  • Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on Windows: Shift+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+F5
  • Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on Mac: Cmd+Shift+R

Hope this helps.

Hi @GaryR ,

Thanks for your answer. I tried it and it's still not working.

However, I realised that the bottom in the upper-right corner is not working (at least not for me). But the bottom with the label 'Download RStudio Deskopt for Windows' does. Bit strange.

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