Can't count the null values of a dataframe in R

I have imported a dataset from a CSV file to a data frame that has lots of null values, but I can't count the number of null values

sample <- read.csv("sample.csv")

           ride_id      rideable_type         started_at           ended_at start_station_name   start_station_id 
                 0                  0                  0                  0                  0                  0 
  end_station_name     end_station_id          start_lat          start_lng            end_lat            end_lng 
                 0                  0                  0                  0                  0                  0 

NULL and NA are distinct. NULL means "not defined" and NA means "missing". The screenshot and the output of colSums() show that some NAs are present.


will return the total number in the data frame.


gives the count of NA by column, and


shows the rows containing NA.


isn't working, we'd need to look at a representative data set. See the FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example reprex for beginners.

Thanks for your reply, the below command solved the problem.

sum(data$end_station_name == "")

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