Can't connect to shiny server remotely

I have installed Shiny server on Ubuntu and can open an example locally using

The terminal says Listening on and the demo app opens in the browser.

However I can't open it from a remote PC using port 6639 and I can't find the shiny-server.conf file.

Not sure if I have installed shiny server properly. Can someone please advise how to troubleshoot this?


I think this is running the demo app that comes with the shiny package, not from shiny-server because shiny-server runs on port 3838 by default. Locally you would access it with local_ip:3838/appname and from remote locations with public_ip:3838/appname

It is located in this path /etc/shiny-server/shiny-server.conf

If you are interested I have a blog post that gives an example of how to expose your home shiny-server to the public internet.

Thanks Andres, I don't appear to have the server installed properly as there's no .conf file at that location.

Could you point me to the best / simplest installation guide for shiny server?

I have a virtual machine running Ubuntu and am not very experienced with Ubuntu (or any Linux variety).


The official instructions are pretty straightforward

Have in mind that you have to configure your virtual machine to have its own private IP and not share the host's IP so you can forward traffic to the virtual machine.

Thanks. That was what I was looking for.

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