Can't connect to shiny app over network since RStudio update

I recently updated RStudio from version 1.1.463 to version 1.2.1355. Since the update, when I run the app through runApp(port = 1234, host = "") (I'm on Windows 10), it works without a problem on the local PC, but I cannot connect to it over the local network.
It works fine on the previous version of RStudio and in both cases, the shiny version is 1.3.2.

Not sure if this is a RStudio or shiny problem... Or possibly a firewall problem?
I can provide more info if needed.

Thanks for your help.

What flavor of RStudio are you on? Desktop Open Source?

This seems to work through my windows vm with the current stable (1.2.1335) and preview (1.2.578) releases of RStudio Desktop OS.

Yes RStudio Desktop Open Source.

I'm thinking more and more that this is a firewall problem.
This is on a work computer and when I first installed RStudio (1.1.463), I had admin rights which I don't have anymore. Something probably messed up during installation.

So I did a clean install and at first when I launched the app, I got a Windows firewall popup asking me permission for RStudio to interact on the local network.
Works perfectly.
I guess I missed that window on the previous install, possibly pressed escape by mistake.

Thanks for your help!


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