Can't combine in bind_rows

Good day fellow code writers. I'm trying to complete the Data Analytics Google Course and I'm in my capstone for the Cyclystic data set. When I'm trying to combine rows using the function bind_rows I get this error

Error in bind_rows():
! Can't combine ..1$started_at and ..3$started_at <datetime>.

  1. dplyr::bind_rows(q2_2019, q3_2019, q4_2019, q1_2020)

I know it says I cannot combine started .1$started_at<character> and..3$started_at` <datetime>, but how do I remove that. I apologize I'm super new to this.

Can anyone please help. I'm like losing my mind over this because I have tried everything I can think of. Thank you in advance.

I put the rest of the script in my own answer since I can only embed one png at a time. But the answer png is the start of the script.

One solution to this is to make the started_at column of q2_2019 into a datetime. If you post the output of


someone can help you with that. Put a line with three back ticks just before and after the posted output, like this:
output of dput() goes here

what is the appropriate data type for ' started_at ; is it character ? is it datetime?
investigate why its the wrong type in some files; see if you can cast it to the correct type ...

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