cant change to numeric

hi R community
i got this dataframe
when i try to convert to numeric i get:
sample1 <- as.numeric(sample1)
Error: 'list' object cannot be coerced to type 'double'

You need to specify the column you're making numeric.

mydf = data.frame(ID = c("123213213", "1232132132", "12321412321"))

#> Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): 'list' object cannot be coerced to type 'double'

#> [1]   123213213  1232132132 12321412321

#> [1] "character"
mydf$ID = as.numeric(mydf$ID)
#> [1] "numeric"

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then it changes the values
and it is no longer a df

That's because you've overwritten your dataframe. You should have written:

sample1$ID <- as.numeric(sample1$ID)

so have this df:



dont understand it :frowning:

That is very strange - is that dataframe called sample? Because it should just work:

sample = data.frame(ID = c("659175822", "595117221", "595117264", "595117708", "595119208"))

#> [1] "659175822" "595117221" "595117264" "595117708" "595119208"

#> [1] 659175822 595117221 595117264 595117708 595119208

Created on 2021-12-06 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Could you paste the output of dput(sample)? Then I'll have access to the data we're talking about.

hmm giving me all the data (10k+)

okay say i have a df1 and job id in the first column (and name in second column) and i want to make a new dataframe with the first 10 rows from df1 into df2

then i want to add 1 row of data into df2

hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

What about just dput(head(sample, 100))? That should give enough to play with.

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