Can't cache pins

I'm having trouble with caching data from pins.
I installed pins using install.packages() - no modifications.

a colleague of mine is able to access the pin with no issues. Here's the pin in question:

First attempt at accessing pin with:

board <- board_rsconnect("envvar", server = "")
pin_read(board, "cmtobin/Pinned-ecology-data")

Error: [EACCES] Failed to open '/Users/cmtobin/Library/Caches/pins/rsc-e62371cfd77db754024f9c5ed3556a73/4d1e6303-ce46-461c-9cee-da3b3e49ed3b/1551/data.txt': permission denied

Upon subsequent attempts to cache:
Error: [EEXIST] Failed to copy '/var/folders/k6/05nvcdy50d1ftsw2zmsknhk88r0pqd/T/RtmpAP5TuB/fileaebe57ac3738' to '/Users/cmtobin/Library/Caches/pins/rsc-e62371cfd77db754024f9c5ed3556a73/4d1e6303-ce46-461c-9cee-da3b3e49ed3b/1551/data.txt': file already exists

Resetting directory permissions doesn't seem to fix the issue. any ideas on why this might be?

It randomly started working. Always remember to restart your computer, friends :slight_smile:

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