Can't add an image to remarkdown

Hello everyone!
I just can't add an image to my rmarkdown... my script is bellow, untill add the image it was working perfectly.
The error is: Error in parse(text=x srcfile=src) : 2:2 ['unexpeted 1:2 ! [ ^ calls: Anonymous>... ->parse_all ->parse_all.character ->parse
Thanks very much!

title: "Earth Analytics Week 1"
author: "Ana Toro"
date: "4 de junho de 2019"
output: html_document
# load the ggplot2 library for plotting

# download data from figshare
# note that we are downloading  the data into your working directory (earth-analytics)
download.file(url = "",
              destfile = "C:/Users/Daniel/Desktop/IDGeo/Earth analytics course_Learn data science/data/precipboulderaugoct2013.csv")

# import data
boulder_precip <- read.csv(file="C:/Users/Daniel/Desktop/IDGeo/Earth analytics course_Learn data science/data/precipboulderaugoct2013.csv")

# view first few rows of the data

# when we download the data we create a dataframe
# view each column of the data frame using it's name (or header)

# view the precip column

# q plot stands for quick plot. Let's use it to plot our data
# set working dir as a variable
my.dir <- getwd()

# what files are in that working directory?
list.files(my.dir, recursive= TRUE)



A code chunk has to be closed with ``` not with ```{r}, and ![imagem](images/silly-dog.png) should be outside the code chunk.

I'm sorry about my fool mistake! Thanks very much.

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