Cannot use Rstudio terminal


I just installed Rstudio for edX data science course. I followed the instructions but my terminal is not working, I cannot type anything.

Help very appreciated!

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Try changing preferences to "New terminal opens with bash." You'll still be able to set up for git, and most of the time you'll be using the Console pane. Terminal is just there for convenience for things like moving files from download to your working directory.

Once you enter your code in my-first-script.R, you can either cut and paste it into the console or, better yet, just hit CTRL-ENTER

You are choosing Git Bash for the terminal so let's rule out the basics, Do you have Git installed in your system?, Do you have set the path for the Git executable?

Is my personal opinion that, Git Bash is by far the most usefull option when you are on windows and you work with version control in your projects.

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yes @andresrcs I have git executable, SVN executable and SSH hey set up setted

Do you mean Git Bash? I already had it set up but it doesn't work.

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The screen shot has git bash. My suggestion is to change it to plain bash.

Take a look at this resource for troubleshooting Git setup for RStudio.

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