Cannot type the letter "R" in upper case - jumps to next line

I cannot type any upper case R's in a markdown as the cursor automatically jumps to the start of the next line. I work with Windows, on a Samsung. I will now have to rename Variables, as I cannot type "RoleAmbiguity" into the markdown, only "roleAmbiguity. Thanks in advance for any easy solutions. P.S.: I'm a psychologist with limited IT knowledge.

Does it this only happen in an RMarkdown file, or in an R file, too?

I have only done markdowns. Just opened a new file and an R skript: also no chance to write an upper case R. All other letters work!

Go to Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts
you can filter on just any that you have customised ; remove the bad one

Unfortunately there is no shortcut Shift+R in R. That would mean that one cannot write the word "RoleStressor" or any potential other word with an upper case R in a markdown, neither in a chunk nor a documentation. I have however looked through all the shortcuts and there is not a single shortcut for Shift + R or Shift + any letter. I had looked there before. In all my other windows/Office or browsers etc I have no problem writing an upper case R, so its Rstudio specific.

And if you open, say, a Microsoft Word doc? Are do you see the same behavior there?

No, I have no problems anywhere whatsoever. I use word, excel, different browsers etc all day long. Only happens in Rstudio.

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Thanks for confirming.

Following up on @nirgrahamuk's suggestion, what happens if you click the 'Reset...' button that appear in the lower left of the pop-up you get when you go to Tools > Modify Keyboard Shortcuts? (Assuming, that is, that you haven't made any keyboard shortcut of your own.)

Solved! Thanks so much!!! I didn't see the reset button and I have never (actively) created a short-cut. Thank you guys so much, this really makes everything easier:-).

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