Cannot stop running code in R Markdown in RStudio 1.2

It seems that in RStudio v1.2.1335-1 (Windows 10) I cannot stop code running after run some, several or all chunks. Why I try to stop the code from running (e.g. by clicking the stop button next to the progress bar), the code is still running in the console.
The only solution is to restart RStudio.

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I've had the same experience with the new version on Mojave

Same behavior on Ubuntu 18 with RStudio Server

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Any chance someone could share a reproducible example, so that we could try and reproduce the issue locally? For example, an R Markdown document whose chunks cannot be interrupted when run.

last time, when I using keras and sparklyr, and after calling copy data too big from local to remote spark storage or gpu storage, the R Markdown will be dead.

I will see if I can find an example with sharable code

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