Cannot run Shiny App from Rstiodio

I have a RStudio Server Community setup in one of my local server (Ubuntu 20.04). The server works fine until I try Shiny App directly from RStudio Server. Screen shot showed that I got "Connection Refused" in the popup. The app in screen shot is the default sample app of RStudio Server.
Server accessed through IP.

Debugger of Chrome showed that Internal Server error (500)

There is not any log file in /var/log/rstudio-server/ or in /var/lib/rstudio-server/

All configs of RStudio Server are not changed. Firewall is turn off.

I install Shiny-Server and sample Shiny App works fine when deployed (access though port 3838)

Would someone help me with this issue. Kind regards

I install package shinyjs and everything is solved

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