Cannot republish/update my shiny app


I published a Shiny app to but made some changes locally on RStudio. I used to have options to update my Shiny app from RStudio by republishing it. However, recently, the only option I saw is to publish as a completely new app. I am not sure what is the problem here. Any help will be appreciated.

I regularly redeploy apps to from different machines. Because the app was never deployed from the new machine, my IDE won't show any options to update it. I have to connect to my account, and then deploy the app.

If you redeploy the app to with the same name as an existing deployed app, the dialog will ask you if you want to overwrite the application. ("You've already published an application named {your-shiny-app-name} to Do you want to replace the existing application with this content?") In the IDE, in the publish dialog, the name of your app is the "Title" field.

I think these steps should help you update your account, but let me know if it doesn't.

Thank you. I am able to do this. My original thought was to "update" without "overwrite". Usually, I have the "update" option but it was disappeared recently. As you pointed out, maybe it is because I switched to another machine. Even if I connect my account, I still have to overwrite the old app.

Thank you for your response again.

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