Cannot push to github on an already created repository

I'm trying to have a blog using blogdown, on my Windows 10 machine.

I've already an empty repository called : 'omargonzalesdiaz' (no readme file) on Github.

I've created a blog using blogdown that I want to publish to Github, so later I can use netlify.

But I get this error:

cred <- git2r::cred_ssh_key(
+     publickey = "~/../.ssh/",
+     privatekey = "~/../.ssh/id_rsa"
+ )
> usethis::use_github(credentials = cred)
✔ Checking that current branch is 'master'
Error: Repo 'OmarGonD/omargonzalesdiaz' already exists on ''.

Infomation about my configuration


> usethis::git_sitrep()
Git user
* Name: 'OmarGonD'
* Email: ''
* Vaccinated: TRUE
usethis + git2r
* Default usethis protocol: <unset>
* git2r supports SSH: TRUE
* Credentials: '<usethis + git2r default behaviour>'
* Personal access token: '<found in env var>'
* User: 'OmarGonD'
* Name: 'omar'
* Path: 'D:/omargonzalesdiaz/.git'
* Local branch -> remote tracking branch: 'master' -> '<unset>'
GitHub pull request readiness
* origin: OmarGonD/omargonzalesdiaz, can push
* upstream: '<no such remote>'

Environ file:

Entered and save when cursor was in a new line, as documentation said.



While I've never used usethis::use_github() :grinning:, my impression from the documentation is that the function is supposed to create a GitHub repository for you. Given that, it seems possible that already having a repo with the same name could be problematic and the cause of the error message.

Have you tried deleting the empty repo you made on GitHub and letting use_github() make it instead?


Yes, I think the same. 2 Questions:

a) Can I delete my repository and create other with the same name?
b) Maybe someone can point us on how to use this library on already created repositories?

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