Cannot publish api to Rstudio connect

My plumber API cannot be deployed to Posit Connect. During our last deployment to Rstudio connect, everything went well. However, after your company updated, we were unnable to publish it encountering the error "This type of content is not allowed because it is prohibited by policy".

reproducible example:


#* @apiTitle Plumber Example API
#* @apiDescription Plumber example description.

#* Echo back the input
#* @param msg The message to echo
#* @get /echo
function(msg = "") {
    list(msg = paste0("The message is: '", msg, "'"))

my operations:
rstudio -> publish api -> publish ->error

error log:

Error: HTTP 403
This type of content is not allowed because it is prohibited by policy.

I think the paid subscribers can open support tickets. Most of the support activity in this forum is for users without paid subscriptions and provided by volunteers like me.

Thanks for you reply! Does Rstudio connect become for-pay? I used to launch a API onto it for free.

I don’t remember. Maybe it had a trial period? Now it looks like you have to talk to sales to find out how much it costs.

It has always been, what you are using is a public demo not meant for any real-life application

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