Cannot print a table made with gt to a PDF

Hi there,

I trying to create a multi page PDF with several graphs and tables created with gt, one per page.
I can plot/print everything to the file, but with the gt object, only a blank page appears.
What is going on?

OUTPUT_FILE <- "xpto.pdf"
# from now on, everything happens inside a *for* loop							   
   legend.loc = "left",
   main = "Ad hoc title"
print (OBJPLOT)  # this works, appears on the PDF

GT_OBJECT_TABLE <- gt(STRESS_TABLE,rownames_to_stub = TRUE)
      title = paste("Ad hoc Title"),
      subtitle = paste("Ad hoc subtitle")
print(GT_OBJECT_TABLE)  # This generates a graph... on the R Studio panel, not in the file
GT_OBJECT_TABLE         # This does nothing but a blank page in the PDF # last line of the script and outside the *for* loop

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