Cannot play an audio file from a Shiny with Python app

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Shiny with Python, but experienced with Python.
I have built an acceptable UI for my app, but before improving it, I wanted to check if playing MP3 files was possible. This app is a web version of a desktop one which works perfectly and relies on gtts to talk to the user.
I have read posts related to audio in this Community, but they talk about Shiny R apps and I am unable to translate the R code I have read to Python.
Can someone help me with a small piece of code, as simple as something which says "hello" on button click?
I have spent three days on this topic, nothing vital, I am retired but I would be so happy to release this web app to my friends...

You can play mp3 files via Shiny. Shiny doesn't currently ship with an audio output component, but @jcheng recently built an audio output for an AI Assistant application featured in a YouTube stream. I think you'll find the video interesting. The code for the app he demoed in the stream is available online at GitHub - jcheng5/multimodal-livestream and uses audio_spinner() from shinymedia:

audio_spinner(): An output component that plays an audio clip while displaying a spinning visualization that pulses in sync with the audio.

shinymedia is a Python package that isn't on PyPI (yet) but is available on GitHub.

Thanks @grrrck ! I will explore all of this today.