Cannot open .R file in R studio after update to the new version

Hello everyone,

After I install the new version of R studio RStudio 2023.12.1+402 "Ocean Storm" Release (4da58325ffcff29d157d9264087d4b1ab27f7204, 2024-01-28) for windows
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) RStudio/2023.12.1+402 Chrome/116.0.5845.190 Electron/26.2.4 Safari/537.36

I could not open my old .R files.
It keeps saying "the system cannot find the file specified."

Does anybody know the solution to open my old files that was made by previous version of R Studio?
Is it related with the R program itself. Although I have downloaded the R 4-3-2, it still says 4-1-1 in my R studio. I don't know why.

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I have what I think is the same problem that the latest version of RStudio (2023.12.1 and also 2023.12.0) cannot access files on my work computer which is synced to a network folder. Uninstalling and installing the 2023.09.1 version fixes the problem.
In the newer version RStudio is starting up with the working directory in "~" which is C:/Users/username/Documents/ (which is not used by my Windows installation since everything is located on a network drive) and it cannot be changed to the network folder where everything is. Trying to open R-project files on the computer also causes RStudio to promt an error message about not being able to locate the file and then shutting down.
Changing the default working directory in the settings does not help.
In the older version (2023.09.1) the default working directory is set automatically to "//CompanyNetworkName/Home&/username/My Documents" and I can freely access and save all my files.

Does this sound to be the same problem that you have or is this a seperate issue? If it is the same I haven't found any solutions other than to downgrade to an earlier version but if you (or someone else) find a solution for the newer versions that would be great!


[Edit]: I forgot to add that the newer versions worked well when just installed while at work but at opening up the computer again at home to continue the work the newer versions display this problem described above and I can't get them to work again even if I am within the company network and reinstalling them does not fix the problem. This is not the case with the older version that works all the time no matter what network I'm currently on.

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