Cannot load Project

My Project (811531) refuses to load with a strange error bar appearing at the top of the screen;-

I have tried closing and reopening the window and now have the following error message in the same orange area;-

Task 02c13724-1c35-498c-9c11-edbecfd46938 failed: Error provisioning storage for volume=4529226: HTTP 500: Internal Server Error


This is caused by an issue on our end, caused by a bug that we are in the process of fixing. Your project should be fixed, please try again and let me know if it is still an issue.

Hi I'm having the same issue for the last few days. Is there an estimated timeframe within which we can expect the issue to be resolved? (I'm using the cloud platform)

Thanks for sorting this out so quickly @_omar. It is working again fine now.

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