Cannot load LARGE document from in Google Chrome

I want to load this web page on Chrome: RPubs - CPI 12-month percentage change

It is a fairly big page. It will load without problems on Safari, but not on the new Chrome, though it did load on a previous Chrome version (I don't remember which one). I waited a long time for it to load, but to no avail. I have cleared cookies and the cache and rebooted, but it makes no difference. I have reset Chrome to its original settings and rebooted, but that also makes no difference. I have tried to load the page on Chrome on three different computers, but the page will not load on any of them. But as I said it always loads fine on Safari.

As I said, this web page is big. I am able to load other pages from, pages that are smaller. So is there a restriction in Chrome on the maximum page size? If so, how can I raise the maximum size?

Are others experiencing this problem?

Any help appreciated.


Hi @PhilSmith26, thanks for reaching out.

Can I ask you to confirm the version of Chrome you are using, which Operating System it is on, and wether you are seeing the same result in Firefox?

This will help us with the triage.

Thanks for your interest in my problem. My version of Chrome is 110.0.5481.100 (Official Build) (x86_64). My operating system is macOS 13.2.1 (22D68). The result on Firefox is good, just like on Safari. It's the result on Chrome, and also on MS Edge by the way, that is the problem.

An update on my problem. I have not been able to get a response from the Google Chrome people, but I did have an online chat with an MS Edge person. After a lengthy discussion she agreed that Edge has an arbitrary page size limit that could not be changed. So my options appear to be (1) use only Safari or Firefox, which have no such limit, or (2) modify my application so the page is smaller. Neither option is ideal , but I suppose both are acceptable.

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