Cannot load datasets into RStudio


I am trying to load .csv datasets into RStudio, but I am getting an error message stating that the file does not exist. Does anyone have a solution?
Thank you!

Try typing in the entire file path. On my Windows 10 system, that would look like

DF <- read.csv("C:/Users/fjcc/Documents/R/CoolData.csv")

If the file is in your HOME directory or a sub folder of that, you can simplify the path with the ~ symbol. You can find your HOME directory like this

[1] "C:/Users/fjcc/Documents"

That tells me that the read.csv() can be written as

DF <- read.csv("~/R/CoolData.csv")
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Other way is use file.choose() function

file.choose() open a new window and search the file and press open. Next, the console show the path of this file.

# You can copy and paste this result in
Datos<- read.csv("")

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