Cannot Knit R markdown document

I am relatively new to working with R studio.

I am trying to knit a R markdown document I have been working on but when I try to knit the R markdown file it says that 'the system cannot find the file specified' even though the data I am working from is saved in my global environment.

Rstudio was previously letting me knit the document. I changed the file name for the data I was working on and this problem has occurred since even though I have changed my code to account for the name change.

R studio lets me import the data but not directly view it as the file is too large so I'm not sure if this is also a problem with the file size.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

What kind of file are you knitting, PDF or HTML?

If it's a PDF you need LaTex ( After you install it, it should work.

If it's HTML, then it's likely something off in your code, run each code chunk separately (press play button in the upper right corner.

Here's a good guide for Markdown (R Markdown: The Definitive Guide)

My not-terribly-great knowledge of how Rmarkdown works says that Rmarkdown sets up its own environment. It won't "see" a data.frame or tibble, etc., that exists in the global environment.

Thanks for your help.

I went back and ran each code chunk. I believe it had something to do with the incorrect file path as I have changed that now and it is letting me knit the file again.


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