Cannot knit PDF in RStudio 4.0

I am running RStudio with R 4.0.4 on Windows 10 64-bit.
Created an .rmd file but cannot knit PDF from it. Can't knit HTML either. The message is as below.
I have installed knitr, yaml, tinytex, rmarkdown, tools, utils packages and updated them all. Also, installed MiKTeX. RStudio Global Option -> sweave uses knitr and pdLaTeX.

There is no install.packages anywhere in the rmd file.

Error: 2:55: unexpected string constant
4: install.packages('
Execution halted


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Sorry for the delay.

Do you still have issue with last RStudio and RMarkdown ?

No thanks, I figured out the issue later that same day. I thought I had posted my solution to the question, though do not see it here now. The error was quite misleading.

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