Cannot install tensorflow/use it

Hello, I was trying to install tensorflow for machine learning on Rstudio cloud. My Computer operating system is Ubuntu. I have installed python and I was trying to run this code below-


Would you like to install miniconda?

install_keras(tensorflow = "1.13.0")

And there is error message saying that

CondaError: Failed to write to /home/rstudio-user/.local/share/r-miniconda/pkgs/python-3.6.10-h191fe78_1.conda
errno: 28

Error: installation of 'python=3.6' into environment 'r-reticulate' failed [error code 1]

Could you please help me with this matter?

Thank you!

Looks like you're using the great Anaconda system for R installs. Unfortunately, that's one feature that's spotty at best. Fewer install problems using the R functionality

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