Cannot install minpack.lm on Mac

I am trying to install the package minpack.lm on a fresh install of R 4.2.2. I am using a Mac with the M1 Pro chip, and already have gcc installed. When attempting to install minpack.lm, I get the following error message:

I checked the folder mentioned in the error message and it does exist. (see also: r - Failing to install (compile) minpack.lm on Mac M1 - Stack Overflow)

Can anyone help me figure out how to install this package?

Thanks for helping!

There is a binary that you should install, instead. Most of us who don’t do compilation routinely should not try to troubleshoot a failed source install.

I have tried to install the binary too, but when loading the package with library, I would get a similar error. I will do it again and get the exact error message soon.

Well, I remember having installed it manually by downloading the binary, but that didn't work. I tried installing with type = "binary", but I get this message:

Installing with type = "mac.binary" succeeds, but then leads to an error when loading the package:

This is showing that the package is built for Intel but needs Silicon ("arm64")

For anyone having the same issue, please check the SO Post, I found a solution. r - Failing to install (compile) minpack.lm on Mac M1 - Stack Overflow

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